1st Solo Night Hike (Kinda)

I've always wanted to hike solo at night in the bush, just had to wait for the right day, a bit of cloud and no rain and driving rain which is what our city is famous for. Once again for this hike I took a fully loaded backpack which was unnecessary but it's good to see how well I can travel with a heavy load.

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In fact one of the strap buckles broke not too far into the hike but being a significant item, I could not cary the backpack at all and I did have thoughts of cancelling. Solved with a simple knot and the journey continued.

Meet a few people along the way, like myself day hikers out to enjoy the perfect day even though it was a bit cold (it is winter here). Most of the time on the hike was me reaching what I considered the halfway point where I stopped and had lunch at 3:30pm.

From this point the sunlight was rapidly fading and my night time journey began. When your out on the ridges when it is you don't expect to meet anyone but I did meet another hiker going in the opposite direction. Nearing the bottom of the last descent I came across this graffitti on a makeshift wooden wall, which lit up from my headlamp, did not expect to see something this bright to be up on the middle of nowhere, looks like it has been here for while.

Finished the hike with a stop at the dumpling cart, I had an awesome day of hiking.

Yes the Sony FDR X-3000 face planted but it is a robust beast

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