20200120 Walk to Point Howard

I knew days ahead of time this was going to be an epic walk, even though I have gone bush a few times I really haven't recorded any of it.

Wainuiomata is surrounded on all sides with native bush and if you head west you enter the Wellington Harbour, here New Zealands Capital is located. One of the biggest community concerns is vehicle access into our suburb, there is only 1, the summit hill road. New Zealand is prone to earthquakes, more than most realize. Check this website out geonet.nz 50 to 80 earthquakes a day, from my experience we feel like 1 significant earthquake a month, the kind that makes loud rumbling sounds, your walls shake and you think about supporting that Smart TV so it doesn't fall off the wall.

Wow that was off topic LoL, okay back to the walk. I wanted to go further but as soon as the clouds cleared it got extremely hot, so I decided to cut my walking distance in half.

I can't believe I took a wrong turn while in the bush, I knew exactly which direction to go in order to come out at the harbour. I got there eventually but didn't come out in the spot I was expecting to come out.

A few months ago, a father and 2 of his daughters went out on this ridge and got lost. A search party was called and luckily they was found a few days later. I'm no bushman but if you observe the suns movement, head west, you will hit the harbour. Most importantly tell your family what your plans are.

I had planned to do an all day walk 8hrs maximum therefore I had plenty of food that wouldve lasted me for days, water is never a problem because I would never be too far from civilization (as long as I keep heading west).

As you now know I've started using Relive, so I have created a video which includes a little bit of me vlogging during the walk. So click on the image below to view the video.

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