20200216 Round The Bays Wellington

An annual event held around the Wellington Harbour Bays, orgasnised by Sport Wellington New Zealand. There are 5 categories, the one my grandkids and I paticipated in was the "Fiji Airways Fun Run/Walk". For me this is all about the kids getting out there once a year and having a of fun.

enjoying the walk

The day started out with a lot of cloud cover but it was still warm (Summer here in New Zealand) and the wind didn't pick up until we neared the finish line. The kids talked non-stop all the way which is understandable, they don't see each other months on end.

so many families participating

I was suprised they allowed scooters this year but I am glad they did. Next year the grandkids will be using scooters and I can run/jog the course, 6.5 km shouldn't take too long :-)

bananas anyone ?

As always, once you cross the finish line, not only was there water and bananas to replenish your energy, but lots of activities for the kids. Like most parents I wasn't too keen on staying for long. Get into that LONG queue for the FREE buses to take us to the Railway station and start our next journey home.

The walk condensed into a small video giving a demonstration on what to expect from this event. Our group (the largest) was the 4th group to be released at the start, it was funny to notice some serious runners who arrived late and was in our startup. Likewise there was Family teams who left with the marathon runners who clearly didn't listen to the marshalls. And it doesn't really matter, can't wait to do it all again next year!

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