20200510 Small Hike to Fern Gully

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After watching #joalvarez posting her 1st run, it was time for me to get back out there on the ridge. So I went out on a small local hike to the top of Wainui Ridge, this time going on 2 tracks I've never been on before. I was feeling confident so after attaching 1 drink bottle, grabbing 1 small health bar, I headed out towards the bush. It was a long walk to the 1st Access point but it was a pleasant walk, I met fellow walkers out enjoying the day as well.

At the halfway point where I had a rest, I knew with a little planning I would've spent another 6 hours out here, it was such a beautiful day. It is foolish to hike without being well prepared, but that is going to happen once the lockdown finishes. I'm looking forward to doing my first overnighter!

xtremely happy having the action camera mounted on the trekking pole as I walked. The only problem was when I need the pole to ascend or descend steep parts of the track I couldn't record. After the recent rains the tracks where slippery, especially where the clay made things extremely dangerous.

A small hike overall and I was a little disappointed, it was over too quick. Upon my return home, I made a salad for 1, as my daughter had already spoiled the wife with an assortment of chocolate stuff (mothers day).

That one little cupcake (actually two) probably removed all the good work I put into todays hike, oh well!

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