8000LM T6 LED 18650 Headlamp Torch.

18 September 2019.

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8000LM T6 LED 18650 Headlamp Torch.

EBay Win

I've been looking for a headlamp for a while now to do some night time walking since I started using Actifit. There has been some good reviews on this particular model on YouTube and as soon as I saw the 18650 batteries in the title, I was immediately interested. For only $11.00NZ why not try it out and form my own opinion.

Headlamp Torch

And here it is, arrived in bubble wrap plastic bag, like all things from Ebay, cheap no frills packaging, and I'm OK with that.

Quality, unexpectedly good for the price!

Even though it's mostly plastic, it feels solid BUT you kinda don't want to drop it. The straps also had that quality feel about them, I'm impressed.

Headlamp Back

On the back piece (battery storage compartment), where it says "LED HEADLIGHT" it actually glows red when switched on.

Comfortable to wear ?

Most importantly, it was very comfortable to wear. I had to tighten it slightly but after a quick 20min walk out on the street last night, I know I would be fine walking 2 hours with this on my head. Ha, I did get some stares, it's unusual for someone walking along our well lit pathways wearing a headlamp.

Battery in Case

You would think, the battery compartment would feel hard at the back of your head, well, it doesn't. The cover over the batteries themselves is is of soft rubber material, you don't feel it.

You can also remove the straps, mount the lamp on your pants/belt/backpack strap with the battery placed in your pocket. I'm looking at ways I can mount this on my bike.

But HOW GOOD Is The Light (you may ask) ?

Fan BLOODY Tastic !!!

For something this cheap I was not expecting how much light(lumens) this thing throws out. I do have other cheap ones that don't come anywhere close to this in quality or light output. I've ordered another 1 for my grandson, but I doubt he'd be allowed out at night with me, he's only 6 LoL.


I recommend you get the charger package, it doesn't cost that much more extra, and you don't have to deal with the problems that come with 18650 type batteries. I on the other hand, like making my own stuff. Picture above shows my DIY 2x18650 & mobile phone battery charger setup with inbuilt over/under voltage protection.

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