A Walk Around the Block: Video Response

Thursday, 14. November 2019

I was watching a video by @joalvarez where she was crossing a bridge on the way to her work. As soon as I finished watching the video, I had an urge to get out and do my own walk.

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This is where Dapps like Actifit or Exhaust come in, where you can keep records to monitor your fitness from previous results, or compare yourself to other people doing similar activities.

On this particular occassion, I just wanted to respond to joalvarez's video, which inspired me to get outside and enjoy my surroundings.

My Stuff to Help Create This Video

Sony FDR X3000Action Camera
Timex Digital Pedometer5021 Steps in 43 minutes

Another Pitcure
those drivers probably think I'm nuts

A quick shower, put on some dry clothes, and I felt I could go out and do it all again, now that would be nuts.

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