Avanti Blackthunder: Replacement Derailleur & Wheels.

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This bike had major damage done to it quite a few years back. While bein ridden 2 of the spokes broke and wrapped around the rear derailleur breaking the main plastic support, the derailleur had to be replaced. The wheels went into the Avanti cycle shop to get assessed, was told the rusts of BOTH wheels was so advanced both wheels had to be replaced. The good news, at least 1 tyre can be re-used.!

derailleurs, damaged on the left, new on the right

I was in no hurry, so I ordered a replacement (Shimano Altus Rear Long Cage) derailleur at $32.00NZ free shipping from Ebay China. This arrived about 2 months later and was shelved (with the bike) in the garage. The aim was to get this bike ready for my grand-daughter once she grows to the correct height.

Just before Dec 2019 new wheels were ordered and picked up a few days ago Jan 2020.

new wheels, DM18 Alexrims

2 new wheels, 1 new cassette, 2 new tubes, 1 new tyre, refit existing tyre plus labour $295.00NZ.

derailleur fitted

I didn't have a chain breaker but luckily the derailleur cage can be dismantled, allowing the chain to be reinstalled "as is".

finished build

The bike still needs to be reindexed (and definitely a good clean) but I will leave that for another day.

Shimano Altus Rear Long Cage Derailleur

  • considered a budget derailleur, I think it is good quality
  • easy to replace
  • works smoothly (as expected because it is new)

DM18 Alexrims

  • solid feel, definitely weighty

Was the cost of the replacements worth it ? Yes, but it was done for sentimental reasons. The bike belonged to my grandson and he used it while attending Primary school over 2 years, and now his sister gets to use it for the same purpose.

avanti blackthunder xs

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