Black and White Photo's with My Mobile Phone.

I was reading a post feed My Morning Sightseeing in Black and White by @brittandjosie and I loved the photo's she took, especially the bike one. Looking at these photo's has gotten me interested and quickly decided to look around the house to see if there is something I can capture that may stand out as a black and white image. This was a lot harder than expected.

I am not a photographer but I do love taking photo's, mainly from my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy A10) and sometimes from my action camera (Sony FDR-X3000). I do not expect too much quality wise but I will try to come up with a unique composition or style for each post.

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To create the black and white images I used the App Snapseed for Android.

my t-shirt drawer, konmari method

my running shoes, reebok

coins of new zealand, 2020

I should mention there is the #monochromemonday tag by @old-guy-photos for those who wish to support this group. I am not sure if I could keep coming up with new ideas but I am glad I follow those who do.

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