Convincing Family/Friends Crypto is Okay.

As I normally share my STEEM posts on other platforms, my family and friends are aware that I am in some way involved with the cryptocurrency world. Understandably, when money is involved, they worry that I have no idea what I am getting into. Totally agree with this statement, but only in the beginning.

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  • it's fake money, you can't buy anything with it.
  • not secure, you will be hacked and lose all your money
  • it's too expensive to invest, isn't bitcoin like $10zillionUS per coin
  • you need to be a stock market analyst 24/7
  • too hard to set up
  • what is steemit, is that cryptocurrency ?

My Response

  • depends on your definition of money, times are changing
  • losing fake money shouldn't worry you, right
  • don't invest in bitcoin, I wouldn't, there are other affordable crypto coins/tokens out there
  • probably, if I purchased 1 bitcoin, I'd be tracking its value like my life depended on it LoL
  • yes, initially

I Joined Steemit, to get away from Google Plus, Youtube, Blogger, I didn't realize that Cryptocurrency was part of the package. It was free!

Steemit is another social media platform that uses blockchain technology.

My 1st post Early Morning Training Ride 2 years ago. Using Steepshot, which is what everyone else was using to post images at the time. I was getting upvotes with some sort of money representation for it, I was totally confused. At this point I totally ignored it, it must be something that happens over there in the US and doesn't apply to other countries.

I do not recommend using Steemit as an introduction to cryptocurrency!

Want A Taste of Cryptocurrency Risk Free, Use Brave Browser.

  • download the Brave Browser, set up the Uphold Wallet.
  • just use the browser
  • you are now earning Cryptocurreny (the BAT tokens).

Get familiar with the Uphold Wallet, it deals in a number of National Currencies and Cryptocurrencies. It won't be your last Wallet.

as at 08 Feb 2020

I have been using the Brave Browser for quite a few months now, and I am totally enjoying the experience. Last month I got 27 BAT tokens, just by using the browser and visiting places I normally go to everyday.

If you have twitter, reddit, github channels, in Brave/rewards Tip settings check the boxes to allow tipping.

Every BAT Token I Recieve Is Given Away

Until I start investing in the BAT tokens, I'm happy to give away all the tokens I recieve via the Brave browser.

What happens next, well thats up to the individual. Invest - Buy Low Sell High. That is where I am right now, with Ethereum. Both STEEM and BAT are my FUN Crypto tokens, I'm not expecting to make my fortunes here and apart from building up a decent STEEM POWER I'd be giving these away over time. I really enjoy the Steem platform, because I get to reward excellent content (and upload a post every now and then).


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