Creating Animated GIF with Linux (PIF)

Tuesday, 29. October 2019

It's not always necessary to have a linked video to support your blog post. Having a small animated GIF can be just as effective to demonstrate your point. So in this post, I'm going to show you how I create an animated GIF file Linux Mint, and to also quickly announce my 5 PIF (pay it forward) recipients for October.

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Image Only

Knowing I'm creating a small blog post, I use my mobile phone to capture both images and videos 720p/1080p quality (depending what what phone I have at the time). We always have our phones on us, and carrying extra camera equipment is just too cumbersome.
You can never have enough images, so I go snap crazy. Also when taking videos, I keep them short in recording length, seldom do I go over 15secs per clip, and I record a lot, chances are you've captured something really good without realizing it.

Now that we have selected the video clip we wish of use, we play it a couple of times and take down some notes needed for the BASH command

  • where our GIF begins
  • the duration of our GIF
  • frame rate of our GIF
  • scale of our GIF

Heres the BASH command

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:01 -i '00119.MTS' -to 11 -r 10 -vf scale=320:-1 out_10sec_10_320.gif

  • GIF starts at 01sec after the video starts
  • set the duration of the GIF to 11secs
  • set the GIF frame rate to 10fps
  • set the width of the GIF to 320pix wide
  • input video file: 00119.MTS
  • output animated GIF: out_10sec_10320.gif

Due to the final size, I dropped the frame rate down from 12fps to 10fps, normally I use 12fps and the durations are 7secs or less. The resulting GIF is a little bit more jerky than what I prefer but I think the extra 4secs of duration improves the videos story.

Image Only

As you can see I've uploaded the GIF to postimage and placed the link onto this blog. Nearly all of the images/videos on my blog are created by me (logo's that I sometimes display belongs to the respective owners)

Animated GIF: Wainuiomata Christmas Parade 2017

Image Only
more of the parade.....

Pay It Forward (October)


Image Only
.......and another one

Linux works so well for me, happy bashing!


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