DLEASE Dapp: Loan Out Your HP

As I further explore deeper into the world of Blockchains, I get to play with new toys. This is the latest DAPP that has peaked my interest.

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From the above image you can see I've accepted/sponsered? 3 Lease requests 2x 49HP 1x 1639.98HP over 2 different expiration times where the HP then gets returned at the end of that period. From these I recieve 0.813HP per day (not sure what that 0.042 means) but as these are my initial leases it will eventually become apparent.

Going through the market to see who wants how much HP for how long you is interesting, whether they are gamers or curators (it's what I assuming they are) but as of yesterday, there was 75 requests. I find that amazing but picking 2 small ones and a small to medium lease is a good way to try out this Dapp.


There has to be a reason why people request for temporary HP loan, which I doubt I will ever do. When I pass on my HP I am assuming they are making some sort of gain as well else why would they do it! As for me I see it as the ultimate way to make HIVE with as little interaction as possible on my part (apart from the occassional checking)

Is this a more effecient way to earn HIVE ? I suppose it depends on why you are on HIVE in the first place. Speaking for myself I came here because of the social side of the blockchain, and I've come to know some great creators. Whether I "make" HIVE isn't important, there are far better ways to invest but that doesn't stop me from dabbling into a bit of fun.

Does tying up my HP for a long period of time bother me ? not really

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