Fathers Day Present: Samsung Galaxy A10

Fathers day had just gone last weekend, and my daughter decided to buy me a more modern mobile phone. She said my perfectly working, well worn, chipped, scratched, minor cracked screen Huawei P8 Lite needs to retire. I totally disagreed.

So I ended up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy A10 mobile phone.

I'm always apprehensive trying something new, when you finally get used to a particular model I change, I'm hoping the transition is not too bad.

Here is my most useful (must have) apps listed most used order
(other than stock call, email, contacts, browser, camera, gallery)

  • Whatsapps (messaenger)
  • eSteem (keeps me informed whats happening on Steems blockchain)
  • Endomondo (cycling tracker)
  • Actifit (walking tracker, blockchain)
  • Reddit/4Chan (information highway that keeps me entertained)
  • Discord (voice & text chat)
  • youtube (usage is dwindling)
  • google maps (still extremely useful)
  • kiwibank (personal banking)
  • RealCalc (scientific calculator)
  • Boss Tuner (keeps my stringed intruments in tune)
  • skinny (mobile plan)

The most noticable improvement (for me) is the GPS connectivity. So far I have never had a "connection lost" error come up. As a cyclist that uses Endomondo to map my rides, this is extremely important to me.

I love this phone, even the pictures seem more clearer than what I saw previously used too.