First Day of Lock Down, Let's Play Minecraft.

Today here in New Zealand we are at Level 3 Lockdown (some restrictions), and at midnight tonight we are automatically gong to Level 4 Lockdown (only essential services operating).

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Yesterday my Grandsons school decided to close a day early and we're expecting online lessons to be sent to us soon. This morning he wanted to play minecraft, but I decided to change the format. He had to be creative and make his own armor with what he can find around the house.

He had fun putting this together, it may not be much but it took all morning and now it's lunch time. Quick progress pose. After lunch the plan is to complete his outfit making a helmet, pick axe, sword and axe. That should hopefully get us to dinner, then afterwards would be cleanup time.

I can see all grandmothers and parents reading this shaking there heads, but tomorrow, I will give him back to his parents so they can torture him with boring school stuff!!!!

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