Free to Use Timelapse, Markdown Experiment

10 September 2019

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Creating the Timelapses

This ride had a purpose, to capture some timelapse footage. Unfortunately the sky was virtually devoid of any clouds or significant cloud movement. For this reason I set the time delay between images to 2secs, capture as much scenery with less images.

Camera set up next to the Frank Kitts Childrens playground

Camera set up facing Chaffers Dock

Click Here to watch the video.

Markdown Editing

This is another first for me. With a little bit of effort you can make your post POP (or in my case, gives it that clean and professional look). Initially, I was thinking, why bother. But once I got the hang of things it really doesn't take long to put this together. The best part about the online markdown editor, I can confirm all the images and files are accessible from the servers I use.

I was very disappointed ALL the emojis didn't work. Or maybe my OS/Browser isn't set up right

Github GuidesIntroduction, examples, syntax
Markdown ListComplete active list
Online Markdown EditorI used this one to learn/create the syntax


DownloadsNo Audio No Watermark
Frank Kitts Timelapse2sec timer 1080p 25fps 37sec 49.8MB
Chaffers Timelapse2sec timer 1080p 25fps 47sec 73.9MB

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Equipment Software--
RecordingSony FDR-X3000timelapse images/video recording
-Sony HDR-CX405images/video recording
-Samsung Galaxy A10images/GPS tracking
-Myrmica 360TLpanning 60min
-Dell Optiplex 90103rd Gen i5 8GB Ram 500GB HDD
Software/Appskdenlivevideo editor
-3003.shtimelapse bash script
-Endomondocycle tracking