GOLDENKIWI CONTEST: 0001 January 2020

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0001: January 2020 Official Contest Launch

Where would you use this ...

Your task is to explain where you would use this tool OUTSIDE of the trades industry.

  • reply with a paragraph using only 5(min) - 150(max) words your answer.
  • you may include an image to support your statement, if you don't know how I suggest you upload your image to then add the direct link into the following command ![](link) for example ![]( and include it in your reply
  • please do not include images that can offend people.

BONUS - I'm giving the winner a BAT token as well, but if they cannot provide me with means to transfer it to them, the token will be added to next months competition.

Payout is usually 7-8 days after Posting day.

Eligibilty and Rules

  • you may need to log into steem-bounty to place your reply. As this is the place I judge and upvote the replies.
  • your reply must be submitted within 3 days after this contest has been posted on steem-bounty. Beyond this time any new replies will not be judged and upvoted by me.
  • posted on Saturday (or Sunday), judged then upvoting on Wednesday.
  • feel free to upvote/comment on other replies, but please don't upvote your own reply.
  • the contests will vary with different themes and requirements, just to make things more interesting.
  • Please check out steem-bounty FAQ page for more information on what this amazing App can do for you.

A simple competition aimed at having a little fun for fellow steemians.

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