GOLDENKIWI CONTEST: beta January 2020

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CONTEST: beta January 2020

One of these things is not like the others ...

Your task is to pick which image from the 4 images that you think does not belong. You must start your reply to this post with

  • TL (top left image)
  • TR (top right image)
  • BL (bottom left image)
  • BR (bottom right image)
    followed by your reason as to why you believe this image doesn't belong, using only 5(min) - 80(max) words.

Reply Example
TR In this image the boy has shoes on, in all the other images, the children are not wearing any shoes.

The obvious answer may not get you 1st prize, so convince me why your pick is the right one.

Prizes by me ...

As shown on the above ticket (14 Prizes), I will only upvote on 14 valid replies.

BONUS - I'm giving the winner a BAT token as well, if they cannot provide me with means to transfer it to them, the token will be added to next months competition.

Payout is usually 7-8 days after Posting day.

CONTEST: The Images

 theme:cycling - a banana | yoghurt | cycling gloves | bottle of gin

Eligibilty and Rules

  • you may need to log into steem-bounty to place your reply. As this is the place I upvote the replies.
  • your reply must be submitted within 4 days after this contest has been posted on steem-bounty. Beyond this time any new replies will not be judged and upvoted by me.
  • post Saturday, viewed/upvoting on Thursday.
  • feel free to upvote/comment on other replies, but please don't upvote your own reply.
  • the contests will vary with different themes and requirements, just to make things more interesting.
  • Please check out steem-bounty FAQ page for more information on what this amazing App can do for you.

Personal Message

This is my first attempt at running any sort of contest. Using steem-bounty just seems obvious and an easy way of distributing STEEM as prizes (I just upvote replies and they do the rest). This is going to be my test and we will see what happens. My target is to do this weekly but at the moment I want to discover any problems or make improvements that are needed during this testing period, Any feedback, advice, would be greatly appreciated.

5 STEEM is a good start and I do intend to increase from next month.

A simple competition aimed at having a little fun for fellow steemians.

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