Helping Hands: Monthly Delegation April 2020

a kiwibloke project

Using PeakD's listing feature, I made a list of all the newcomers I come across on #hive who have little or no Hive Power. I usually come across the users via @heyhaveyamet, @theterminal, #myhiveintro or #introduceyourself. After I read one or two posts, I decide whether I would support this person by delegating them 25HP's.
This list feature, means I can monitor them every month as I can instantly see there current HP (without my delegation) and the last time they uploaded a post. At what point do I stop delegating, when they reach 25HP on their own. It takes 7 days to recover the 25HP which really isn't that important.
A little project of mine that allows me to give back to the blockchain, requires very little effort on my part and only involves a small amount of reading time.

APRIL 2020

April has been an HUGE month, the FORK, the PANDEMIC, the LOCKDOWN, value of HIVE took a wonderful small pump, let's hope next month brings more unexpected experiences, good and bad.
  • with every post comes experience, as we all strive to do better.
  • curate/up vote, let's encourage and inspire each other.
  • as always, thank you for viewing my post.

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