Hive Engine: Sell SIM Buy FOODIE Exchange SWAP.HIVE for HIVE

For a while I've been receiving HIVE related tokens, unsure what they are or what can you do with them. I had no idea where they come from and how I earned them in the First place. Usually these are shown in your blockchain transactions that I simply glanced at every now and then taking no notice.

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It all came obvious the moment I started playing a game on this blockchain called dCITY

When you play this game you earn daily SIM tokens and depending on how high up the ranking you can also earn HIVE. As you can see by the above image I can earn up to 278 SIM tokens a day. You can upgrade your city by purchasing cards using HIVE or tokens, I chose the later, which means I had to buy SIM tokens via the HIVE Engine.

I have gotten to the stage where I am happy to sit at this level for a while, earn 278 SIM tokens/day and sell them. At the current maket rate, that is approximately 1.3+ HIVE/day with my small city.

This is just one of the ways I receive tokens. I also enjoy distributing tokens. Just browse through the HIVE Engine and normally you can get a description explaining where the token comes from and what it is used for. For example, the FOODIE token:-

I acknowledge and appreciate the reason why this token exists but I don't want to specifically join the community where I can earn this token. So when I see a post that's food related not only will I upvote the post I will also send them some FOODIE tokens!

I really enjoy messing around with the HIVE Engine. It is a bit of fun!

The video is way too long but when you get immersed in something like this the time just flies.

One thing I have noticed, if you are going to buy bulk (like 1,000,000 tokens, yes I have done this), it really does pay to make it worth while for sellers. If the asking price for a token is 0.0045, then offer say 0.0065. You just might get 80% of your order filled.

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