Ironmaori: Pre Race Ramblings

Monday, 11. November 2019

This is my normal routine the day before a race. Depending on the weather I would normally go for an hours walk close to the motel. Taking photo's or video's, every now and then just make random comments or notes on what I see around me. This helps me sleep that night, otherwise I'd be up all night finding excuses to repeatedly go over my gear.

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Walking Around Napier City

On average I come here at least twice a year, I have a sister who lives close by in the neighbouring city of Hastings. I myself would never move here, it is far too hot, well out of my comfort zone.

Image Only
you can just see the stadium lights

I walked up a small pathway to take this photo overlooking the CDB. There are some really nice old buildings still scattered around the city.

Image Only
appears deserted

It really is this quiet around 6pm, but over the summer period it does get busy.

Image Only
small gardens along the beach

Friday night, I guess not many people merge with nature.

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lots of motels

The cycle race is on the road directly outside all these motels.

Need to prepare for the next race, in 2 weeks time!

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