Lezyne Smart Patch Kit

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Getting a bicycle tyre puncture is an expected occurance all riders endure while out on the tarmac. When I'm out on a ride I always carry a spare tube (700c x 25) and I've learned the hard way, make sure you carry a puncture repair kit just in case you get a second puncture on the same ride.

The cheap puncture repair kits we are all familiar with contain the following, patches that may come in different shapes, small sandpaper, chalk or crayon, tube of rubber glue, all in an oblong plastic case.

Over the years and after some repairs, you are left with cases full of patches and no glue. You may think this is a good thing but the rubber patches deteriorate over time and seeing as these repair kits are cheap we just constantly buy more.

A few days ago that time had come, after a repair I needed more glue and went online looking for another cheap kit. That's when I came across the Lezyne Kit from Torpedo7 kit, that did not use glue. I had to try this out so when it arrived today I immediately put a needle hole in a previously repaired tube (LoL) so I could carry out a repair.

As you can see, there wasn't much to it. A scraper, 5 patches, small instructions (not shown in above image but the image below) all in a tiny plastic pouch. It was easy to use, just put a patch over the hole, maintain pressure on it for 30secs, you're done. Note, I did put a little air in the tube to allow a better surface area for the patch to adhere to.

I left the tube hanging on the TV overnight so I can check it in the morning. I am confident it will be fine.


That small plastic instruction label can be a life saver. If this has ever happened to you (see image below) where the casing of the tyre is damaged, causing the tube to put a bulge in the tyre. Remove the wheel, deflate the tube, put that plastic instruction label between the tyre and tube then reinflate the tube. This gives added support inside the tyre so that you can get home and replace that tyre. This idea was shown to me by another rider, he said a 5 dollar bill works too.

This is how I carry my puncture repair kit on my bike, in a drink bottle on one of my frame mounts. I never use 2 drink bottles while riding. Inside is a spare tube, 1x tyre lever, set of allen keys (most times I used these to adjust the cleats on my shoes) and the Lezyne smart patch. The small pump a carry in my jersey pocket.

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