My Hiking Adventure Part 02: Graces Stream Campsite

As this is my first hiking experience, the plan was to check out this free Graces Stream Campsite located 15 minutes walk from the Rimutaka Forest Park top carpark. This also gave me a good oppertunity to test my new backpack which was a bit of an overkill for a day hike.

Rimutaka Forest Park, top carpark

It was Lunchtime when I headed out, arrive at the campsite and look around then have some lunch. I allowed myself 30mins here to get familiar with the area then finish the day doing the 5 mile loop track.

5 mile loop track

Well I did the loop and at some stage well past the halfway mark I realised I some how missed the campsite. From the name "Graces Stream" it had to be on the left side, so I started the Loop again, this time more focused on looking for a sign to indicate how to get to the campsite. It was on the right side of the track and actually quite big, I have no idea how I didn't see it!

how did I miss this ?

nice campsite, flat in many places

Finally arrived, had a bit of a late lunch, all good.

Today was Sunday, I was suprised how many people were out on the tracks. Not only the typical backpacking hikers you see, but families, groups of teenagers, joggers. If I camped here I would choose a week day, the campsite is too close to the track with lots of people.

I can understand some of the reviews for this park stating there wasn't many places to see valley views, but it is a natural forest with dense overhead foilage. I enjoyed the cover I got from the sun and it was more about walking not sightseeing. Above the noisey Cicada's buzzing, you clearly hear many native bird calls. I intend to come back here often!

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