My Hiking Adventure Part 03: Suunto A-30 Compass

This is a hiking skill I've always wanted to learn, land navigation using a compass with a map. With a bit of online searching, the recommended top compasses are not cheap. This was quite an eye opener because I ended up doing extensive research on how to use a compass. With this knowledge I made my decision to buy the Suunto A-30 Compass with fixed declination.

Suunto A-30 Compass

At $55.99NZ shipping included it wasn't cheap but far cheaper than those recommended. It came in a blister pack that came with a lanyard, but more importantly instructions on how to use in easy to follow steps.

receipt and packaging

included accesories and instructions

night time illumination

The night time illumination feature is pretty neat, but I cannot envisage me going out at night trying to find my way around in any sort of terrain, just seems too dangerous.

Once I have a topographical map I can go out there and do some practical exercises, should make a good tutorial video.

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