My Steemit: Just The Way I Like It!

30 September 2019.

The one thing I didn't like about Steemit when I 1st started using it, was the lack of categories. Your posts are in chronological order and the more you post the harder it becomes to find a specific post.
When using other similar platforms, like Googles Blogger for so long, you expect all Blogging platforms to have the same type of structure. But this is Steemit, I need to adjust.

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My Steemit: Just The Way I Like It!

My solution is to use various Apps/Dapps

  • esteem
  • Engrave
  • Exhaust
  • Actifit
  • Steepshot ??? erm, it's broken (dammit)
As you create content for each Dapp, they in turn upload an exact copy back to Steemit. This is where I believe my content is exposed on the Internet.
After a few months of being active on this platform, I've come across a solution that "kind of works" for me. It's not 100% ideal but if I'm consistent in how I post then it should be fine.


Looking at the above chart, it might not be obvious, but I do not login in to steemit within the Dapp. I don't want posting to Steemit every time I upload a video. Using Engrave where you can categorize the content (or Exhaust when I may create a cycling video) allows a more structured type of blog. If there is a video, a link is always shown for the post.

The major disadvantage of this, is I probably won't get any DTC tokens. I've placed most of the importance on the content where the video is playing a more supportive role.

In fact, until a week ago, I only went to Watching Vloggers is all I really want to do. Steemit gives me so much more. Now I see a bigger picture, a better understanding of all the tags, more interesting posts. Pictures can tell a great story, just as well as a video.

My favorite tags I look for (as of today)

  • introduceyourself
  • Actifit
  • Engrave

And that is about it really, I already follow 26 people/channels and I'm currently content with that. Scrolling down Steemits NEW (created) is my favorite hobby.

Stay Active Body and Mind

Why Do I Blog ?

For me, it's because I need to remember something that I have achieved, created, or seen and I'm happy to publicly share it. I didn't realize how frequently I referred to my own posts. I don't consider myself a content creator, but creating posts like this, gives me a chance to learn something new. For example, creating that flowchart with an on-line editor, pretty cool.

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Finally I just want to say, on a previous post I said WhatsApp was my N01 Mobile App, not anymore, eSteem for Android is!!

Sources | Online Flowchart Editor, fun to use.

with every post comes experience, as we strive to do better!

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