Navigator South Collapsible Water Container 20L Review

With the current News interest regarding Coronavirus, I thought I'd go grab a couple of small water containers. A quick online search for something cheap for me to try resulted in this collapsible container sold at The Warehouse NZ was worth trying out. I purchased 2 of these, plus another 2 "typical" containers you can buy via normal food chain store.

Admittedly seeing the "collapsible" part in the title was not too encouraging. Picking it up from the shelf, it felt a bit more stronger and alot thicker than a typical garden plastic rubbish bag, folded flat in a blister pack. It kind of reminds me of a thicker "Beach Ball".

Brought it home, removed from packaging and after unscrewing the valve, partially stretched it out before filling to the top with water. It basically held the cubic shape, but upon lifting the filled container by the handle it went more into the spherical shape. At this point I filled the second container and carried both around the room with confidence it's not going to burst like a ballon.

Using these containers from countdown to do a comparrison test.

Now these containers definitely felt a lot more sturdy and better constructed, already filled with 15 litres of spring water. The valve and stand is an extra $20.00 but you only need 1 and just rotate the containers.


The collapsible container complete with it's own valve is quite adequate and I'm happy with it. Knowing its main purpose is water storage in a cool place, I cannot see any way it would be damaged through over use. The cubical shape actually helps, with the valve on top, no leaks. Rotate the container so the valve is on the side, dispensing water is easily controlled.

There is a possibility these could be used as a temporary campsite water storage solution while out hiking, must try it one day to see if it works out ok.

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