NZ Native Tree: The Kowhai, Grow from Seed!

26 September 2019.

I had such a busy day yesterday, I never had the chance to post my Actifit walk. But I did manage to create a video and had a topic prepared for this blog post.
On this walk I heard a great number of Tui bird's calling/singing in the tree's, specifically from the Kowhai trees. These trees are quite common around NZ suburbs and I have never really noticed them until now.

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NZ Native Tree: The Kowhai, Grow from Seed!

The Kowhai Tree

The Tui bird are usually heard/seen very close to the Kowhai tree, especially at the start of spring where the tree produces those yellow flowers. Also at this time the seed pods can be gathered either from the branches or from the ground directly under the tree.

Seed Pods

I grabbed a pocketful, continued on my walk. As soon as I got home I removed the seeds from the pods, which was a nice way to cool down before taking a shower.

I'm quite clueless when it comes to growing things, so once again DuckDuckGo search to find out the best method on how to grow this tree from seed.

Seeds In Jar

There was quite a few results. The fact that the seed has a hard shell made it tricky.

  • I tried to nick the shell with a stanley knife, impossible, the seed was just too small and I would most likely cut myself.
  • put a rough sandpaper inside a jar, add the seeds then with the lid on, shake the jar. This really did nothing apart from giving my arms a good workout.
  • I settled for the "place seeds in a jar of boiling water leave 24hours over night" method.
There will definietly be a followup to see how well the seeds germinate.

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I did try my best to film the Tui birds, but every time I got close to a tree the birds flew away.


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