pay it forward: for the person who sent me my 1st steem!

27 September 2019.

Someone a while back sent me 5 Steem tokens, I wish I had recorded it so I could personally thank them. Neverless I have my 1st Crypto thingy and it made me feel important. I told my family and they go WOW, what does that mean. At the time I had no idea what that meant, what a Steem was and what would I do with it. Over time I've got a basic understanding of how RC's SP's make a diffence on how I interact with the block chain. For me the most important feature is the SP, maximise as soon as possible, and for this I need Steem.

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Pay It Forward


This is something I have always wanted to do for a while. All I had to figure out is how to BUY steem tokens. Which I now can do via BitPrime

BitPrime Screenshot

At the end of every month, instead of sending 5 Steem tokens to 1 person in this "pay it forward" crusade of mine, I'll be sending out 1 Steem token to 5 individual people. Who I select and the reason why, may be obvious, but I will keep that to myself. Hopefully they get to experience the joy of receiving their 1st Steem, like I did. For others it's a big thank you for sharing a part of their world with me.

WHY am I doing this ?

I've been a HUGE supporter of vloggers, really great content creators, on platforms like Youtube, Vidme(gone), Bitchute. It's been hard for me to watch them become disappointed, and quit. My Patreon support was dwindling so it was time for me to look elsewhere. Putting aside money every month for Crypto is a lot cheaper than what I was paying out on Patreon.

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First Recipients.

20190927booksandbeautymakeup vlogger
20190927jeronimorubiodtuber inspires newcomers
20190927kiwideb1st Steemian I followed

It's quite possible @kiwideb has left this platform, still I wish to acknowledge that at the the very beginning many years ago she inspired me to stay. In fact I took a extensive break because I did not understand how this all worked, and I was getting frustrated. I do hope she returns :-)

I did not join Steemit to make money

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