PHOTOBOOKS plus IPFS Experiment

23 OCTOBER 2019

Side topic, I've been meaning to do this for a while, all the images I need for my posts to be created, stored, and served from my home computer (IPFS Local Node).

Serving Images from Home Computer

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Image: Support 02

Note: this random photo of mine is the only image on this post that is not served from my local node, to demonstrate the next paragraph

Normally I use the free image hosting site called Where you upload your image, and when complete you get a list of links you can use on your posts/webpages etc. For each post I create a text file that contains all the links I use of each image, the 1st 2 links and the last link. I personally believe if you no longer need the image, delete it from the hosts server, we all hate hogging storage with garbage.

Image: Support 03

Okay back to me and my local server, lets put together a meaningful post that requires a lot of images (aa served from my IPFS node)... lets go!


I made the decision many years ago not to use Photo Albums any more. Now that I think about it, I don't have any albums anymore, My daughters have claimed them, which is fine, I retained the negatives and digitized most of the images that are important to me.

Image: Support 04

I pulled this small old album out from storage, the photo's are really old and I only recognize 1 person

Image: Support 05

I got good at catching Barracuda's (an aggressive sea predator), it became my nick name

The next physical venture we do with photo prints is to mount them in photo frames. I still think there is a place for these, but only if used sparingly around the house. Just remember this is my view, too many photo frames is just clutter, especially when crammed on those shelfs around the lounge.

Image: Support 06

This is my preferred Photo display setup. Collage photo frames and photo books. Both are created using a specific theme that can tell a story in the limited media you use. This is a good thing, only related photos are used, this helps in discarding low quality, badly composed, or photos that don't belong there. Being brutal on selection but still telling your story is what I believe in.

With photo frames, buying quality frames is a good idea, these are what we see as we enter a room and they should show of your best photo's in the best frames one can afford.

Now with photo books I go in the opposite direction, I select the cheapest soft cover at the lowest price available. With only 20 pages at your disposal, you can still create a really interesting photo book story.


When family/friends come around, they see the photo books and start going through the ones that interest them, the moment they see themselves in it of course they want a copy. I would've thought sure 1 extra copy was enough, but in one case I had to order another 4.

A hard cover photo book is like a normal photo album, you put it away so it doesn't get damaged, less chance for it to ever get seen again. I doubt I would ever use this option.

I use digital printing service

Even though the printing is done in Australia it still gets here within a week, and the prices are pretty good on all the products they make.

Image: Support 07

Image: Support 08

a couple of screen shots of me putting together pages for the photo books

I'm really not sure if the images are going to load, the only way to check is to upload this post and check it out on someone else's computer/phone. Another important note, in order for this post to work, my IPFS Node has to be running 24/7, which really isn't a problem as long as I restart the Daemon every time I reboot the computer.

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