Rimutaka Forest Park: Survey

I've decided to once again take up camping, which I haven't done seriously in well over 20 years. Back in those days I went out frequently with my Motorcycle Club mates and did quite a lot of weekend camping trips. It is unlikely I'd get back into motorbikes, but the urge to camp out in the rain in freezing windy conditions as the water drips down onto your damp clothes, seems to be calling me.

This ride has 2 purposes:-

  • to check out a local park that is totally aimed at the part-time tourist
  • close to urban amenities in case I need anything (very high probability)

Rimutaka Forest Park

This was the obvious choice, it's only about 17 km away from my house and is one of the entrance ways that takes you to the Orongorongo Valley.

botton camp area

For $15NZ a night you get Communal Kitchen (free gas BBQs) Showers and Toilets. A large number of non-powered fenced off area that caters for Campervans and Tents. 1km North of here is another camp site that is free, but does not have the Kitchen or Showers, this is ideal for me to get back into camping, perfect!

easy ride, mostly downhill

Need to do some maintenance before next ride, chain was slipping under pressure, not good!

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