Saturday Morning Hike, A Change of Plan

this trail is not shown on any map

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This mornings hike was meant to be an all day affair. Large lunch prepared, coffee in a thermos and iced cold water in the second thermos. I purchased a cheap small 30L pack, loaded it with all the essentials that includes an overnight stay in the bush, and to see how well pack worked for me.

Really early into the hike, I passed this side trail, and everytime I say to myself I need to see where this goes. There and then the decision was made, lets check it out. I suspected it ended in a backyard of a private property.

google maps screenshot

From the image above, the green represents the normal ridge line I hike along, the red is the trail I hiked down. Note that at the time I was unaware where the trail leads.

school gates

Now we know, it comes out on school grounds. This is the school my grandson attends and I have passed this gate many times and took no notice of it. That is about to change as this trail should reduce the time to get to that point on the ridge by 3.5km and maybe 40mins, next weeks hike should confirm this as this is the route I intend to take.


I didn't do a Relive video due to the small kilometres travel but I will always keep a record on strava whenever GPS is available.

The hike was cut short due to this small alternative route, because where it comes out onto the street is only a few 100 metres away from home. I must of known because 40mins later a storm hit the suburb, the rain and wind took up the rest of the day and most of the night.

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