Sunday Hike, Wainui Ridge East Side

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On this hike I started out on the Lower Hutt Side and climbed up the steep fire break of Te Whiti Riser. Once reaching the top I made the decision to go along the east ridge above Wainuiomata. I knew this was going to be my longest distance I've ever hiked estimating up to 25m total.

Unfortunately the ridge came to an abrupt ending because of private land, I was hoping it came out at the south end of Wainuiomata. Knowing I had to go back the way I came I knew once again it's hiking in the dark, which is why I did not record the return trip.

I was well prepared for the cold night but I would've been better off with an extra drink bottle. In fact I was quite prepared to stay the night up there on the ridge, a bit of stealth camping came to mind but the family probably wouldn't approve.

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