Torpedo7: Tasman Sleeping Bag

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online listing

I bought this a few weeks back, unboxed it in the lounge then climbed inside to give it a "will it fit" test. I'm 5'11 and it felt small in both length and width. That is one of the downfalls when buying online which means I need to try out in the shop before purchasing. Oh well!

it got cold

Last night felt like it was going to be the coldest night so far this winter, what an oppertunity to test the sleeping bag. So instead of using the tent, I set up the tarp between 2 walking poles in the a-frame configuration. Added a ground sheet, a single airbed with an additional blanket just in case. From the bags specs, Comfort range 2 - 12 Degrees Celcius. As shown in the above image the temperature dropped down to -4C (-1C is typical here for frosty nights), I was grateful for the blanket.

tarp view 1

tarp view 2

I didn't get much sleep at all, the airbed had a slow leak somewhere and 3x over night I had to get up and re-inflate it (will sort this out today). The good news is I'm glad it happened here instead of out on the trail.

Review of the Sleeping Bag

Length wise it just fit, I even got the hood to close which helped keep the heat contained inside the bag. Width wise it was usable but because I have broad sholuders is wasn't easy pulling the zip all the way to the top and movement within the bag was extremely restrictive. My preference is to sleep on my back so movement restriction is not a problem for me.

Initially it was a struggle to get into the bag, so the easiest way for me to enter the sleeping bag is to have it unzipped at least 80% of the way.

Even though this sleeping bag can open up fully as a blanket because of the full length zip, you would lose the benefits from keeping you warm.

This sleeping bag did a great job of keeping me warm, if I didn't have issues with the airbed I would've had a great nights sleep.

The quality is ok, I say this as there are a couple of loose threads in places that 'may' affect the strength of it's seams, only time will tell. I will be replacing this with a bag the fits me better.

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