Torpedo7 Tent: Hideaway3 Unboxing

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While the country was still going through the Covid19 Lockdown period, only essential items are allowed to be purchased online and delivered. As I'm going through the early stages of my hiking education, I've been checking out the camping stores here in New Zealand. I really wanted to purchase a DD Tarp but these are not conisidered essential, whereas tents are. So I did the most obvious choice, I bought my grandson a tent so he can have a bit of fun out the back. Threw in a decent trekking pole which passed the price threshold for free delivery.

After the inital 'ripping the parcel apart' he lost interest and wanted to continue playing Roblox, which is fine. It gave me time to go through the box and check everything was there. This tent is similar to the dome tent I already have, but don't use anymore. There are minor differencse but basically they are same. I was tempted to give him mine but it's my given right to spoil my grandkids hehe.

I bought both the Tent and Trekking pole from Torpedo7 at a heavily reduced price. This shop has excellent cycling gear, it's one of the shops I visit frequently just to browse through the road bikes I dream about owning one day.

Tent Review

I'm very familiar with this type and size tent. During my motorcycle era where I did a lot of weekend camping in all sorts of weather. From windy hot drought swept country farm rolling hills to snowy blistery freezing hillside exposed areas where your not sure if your going to survive the night.

This is not an adventure tent, but when your young you do a lot of things with your fingers crossed behind your back. I survived, the tent has had a few pole replacements and only 1 major rip in floor which was easily fixed then resealed.

Another point here, weight was never an issue because where ever my motorcycle can get to, that's the limit of where I camp. These tents are heavy and soon I'm going to see how practical they can be on a hiking excursion. Once the lockdown has been removed, maybe purchase the 2 person version which is only $49NZ ($30US) before heading out on a trip.

At my age, I still enjoy the way you need to get on your knees to enter your tent. These are the memories of our youth that is worth remembering. Just like tripping over guy lines, which I haven't done yet.

Tonight it's expected to rain and at the moment it's quite windy, I'm leaving the tent up and check it in the morning to see how it survived, right out of the box.

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