Trying Out Cheap Replica Cleats!

19 September 2019.

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Trying Out Cheap Replica Cleats!

Ebay Listing

Once again here is me doing things on the cheap. Normally to purchase the originals here in NZ it would cost around $45.00. So as soon as I saw this listing on Ebay for $4.57, I just had to try it.


Wasn't expecting a blister pack for this price so was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It's a replicate of the original, the most obvious difference is the colour. Whether this signifies different materials used in manufacture, using these over a period of time would determine how this stands up against the original.


The were 2 very minor issues, where the rectangle washers didn't quite fit into the cleats slot, but a little filing sorted that out.


New cleats installed, I even used some of the old washers/screws just to do a comparison fit. Also you can see what the old (well worn) cleat looks like

Shortly after I upload this blog post, I'll be doing a ride and give my final thoughts on these cleats, please check it out on my Exhaust link.

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