What Does Hive Mean To Me? Family


Like a newborn child, I came into this crypto world knowing absolutely nothing. All I wanted was a place to call my own, where I can upload a picture and share the link to my family. To finally free myself away from the BIG social platforms, in my eyes small is bigger. My content has never been about what others wanted to see, but to reflect a snapshot of an event at a particular time that meant something to me.

my grandson

Steem ? what is that ?

Curiousity got the better of me, looked at a few posts and discovered someone who lives in the same city as me posting photos. Had to comment but to do so I needed to sign up, should be no problem at all. Well at this point I'm not going to lie, I thought the procedure was way over the top and uneccessary. It lead to so many questions I never asked and a lot of confusion:

  • 4 hashed passwords ?
  • another 4 public passwords ?
  • upvoting ? oh that's just like Youtubes Likes, wait whats this vote percentage thing ?
  • what's a Steem ? I have a wallet how did that happen ? what's Steem Power ? what's Steem Dollars ?
  • whale ? are they picking on my weight ?

I believe these things scares away new people

I thought I knew what I was doing !

I wasn't interested in any of that, I got to the point where

  • I Log in
  • posted my image with some comments using snapshot (which no longer exists)
  • read other peoples blogs/vlogs
  • logged out

Steemit ! Dapps ? Blocktrades !

I call this my home, my safe place. I have stumbled across a new experience the whole world out there have no idea exists. Everything clicked for me when I investigated some posts talking about Dapps:

  • Engrave: my favorite front-end for my posts
  • Exhaust: the only other Dapp I post to when I track my cycling
  • D.tube: I'm haven't been too keen using this as videos on this Dapp seldom play properly for me
  • Steemworld: I really love this, so powerful once you master all it's features
  • Blocktrades: This Dapp ? has given me the oppertunity to show my appreciation to brilliant content creators on this platform. My cryptocurrency of choice will always be Etherium, but every now and then I would send some ETH to blocktrades who automatically transfer it to STEEM and add it to my wallet. STEEM is not an investment for me, the community gives me the biggest reward I could ever hope for.

When STEEM hits the Fan !

Long before the TRON thing, I had a feeling things wasn't going too smoothly. Every now and then I see posts where people are not happy, I understand it's hard to keep everyone happy. Seeing people I've gotten close too get upset is hard to watch. All these changes go way over my head.

Soft fork ? Hard fork ? I was asking myself, where the hell is the spoon ?

Well one turned up, Somebody Sun ! and boy did the STEEM hit the Fan

My twitter went nuts, discords I followed started buzzing like little bees (I wonder if this is going to be the start of something new LoL) but more importantly there was a feeling of betrayel, hurt, confusion, loss etc

I Was Pissed !

It felt like someone is ripping my home apart, spliiting the community, who do you believe. I had enough, the obvious choice was to power down and in the weeks for this to complete figure out my next move.

Don't do that !! : why not ?
Socket puppets are taking over the Top 20 Witnesses : so ?
Means Somebody Sun takes over STEEM: so ?
Then everything this community has built to make this place might no longer have a say We can't have that.
Make sure you have voted for the REAL Witnesses: Huh ?

Thanks to the guys of (#steemterminal ?) theterminal who helped me through all of this, wonderful people who never treated me like a NooB (I self admit, I'm still a NooB)

HIVE The Upgrade. My New Home !

I now look back at STEEM as my training 101, I have learnt so much about how this social platform works and I will always give credit to the Steem Community. HIVE is a breath of fresh air, a place to improve on what went before, it's roots will always be STEEM. I will never forget this, it is a good thing.

my grand daughter

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